Penetration Testing Services


Penetration Test Service(PTS) is a Penetration testing by Nanjing CyberPeace experts. They will simulate the hacker attack methods, use the international newest PTES standard penetration test standards, present situation of information network system security evaluation. 

The penetration testing process involves the active analysis of the system's weaknesses, technical defects, or vulnerabilities, and can be used to achieve the test purpose by exploiting the discovery vulnerabilities. Penetration testing according to the launch site is different, divided into External vulnerability testing EPTS (External Penetration Test Service) and internal leak Test IPTS (Internal Penetration Test Service).

Service and value

The external penetration test (EPTS) is initiated over the Internet to penetrate the hosts and devices that can be accessed through the Internet to the customer's Web site, Mail server, etc.The external penetration test can test the protection ability of the current network firewall and other security measures to the site, and discover the flaw of the external defense measures in time.

The internal penetration test (IPTS) is launched from the internal network of customer enterprises to penetrate the various application systems and network devices of customers.

Internal penetration test can simulate hackers from internal, or hacker has controlled the internal host. It can test internal confidential information protection and internal network system protection.

Nanjing CyberPeace provide external penetration test  service (EPTS)  for the customer and internal penetration testing services (IPTS) , experienced experts of Nanjing CyberPeace and cooperation partner provide penetration testing report for you,  and explain the report in detail.