BCTF contest propaganda report

After @BCTF Baidu Cup Network Security TechnologyTournament Technical Committee (by @ security treasure - blue lotus teamcomposed of a title) on the top eight clan team submitted writeup, race logrecords of the strict review, confirmed the top eight 0ops, 217, Sigma,Light4Freedom, DISA, I am a dog barker, nameless, Pax.Mac Team noirregularities, shortlisted and finalists http: t.cn/8FskY2P, anotherconfirmation 8 finalists Baby: Cai Wan Xiao, meat, Yu Yan Yan, Zou Sixin, HuangYuan, Ren Xiaoqi, Liu Boring, Lu Yanxin.
From the beginning of the final there are 1 day 17:58
BCTF "Baidu Cup" National Network Security Technology Tournament,sponsored by Baidu company, Tsinghua University and Beijing University ofsecurity technology experts to provide technical support, Zijin Jiangning,CyberPeace contractors, for the nationwide network security technology combatcompetition!