Nanjing Cyber Peace is a finalist in the development of security enterprises

Security cattle in 21th,6, 2016 at the official launch, China top 50 enterprise network security (in the first half of 2016), and also specifically recommended in each safety emerging field, most has the development potential of 20 start-ups. The start-ups that have been included in the list will also be given priority access to the "innovation sandbox" of the China Internet security conference this year.

Nanjing Cyber Peace - XCTF international league general host, contest of national information security, physical cup, famous enterprise competition, and many other games support, network attack and defense competition and practice training platform overall solution provider, was recommended for the most development potential of 20 start-ups.


The top 50 matrix of Chinese Internet security companies


Company name: Nanjing Cyber Peace

Focus: the attack and defense competition platform

Recommended reasons: the attack and defense competition has become the domestic popular attraction and discovery of the safety talent model, and every year there are many national and provincial security and defense competitions, many of which are supported by Nanjing Cyber Peace.