The international league of XCTF has been successfully brought to a close

On July 17, institutions of higher learning by education ministry of China's Internet development foundation, information security professional teaching steering committee to guide, national innovation and development strategy research, network space, jointly organized by security personnel development fund (chips), nanjing 2016 XCTF Cyber Peace general to undertake international network security technology against league finals in Beijing international conference center. Eventually, CyKor team from South Korea, Russia, united LC ↯ BC and Shanghai jiaotong university, 0 ops team took the crown and third place.

The world's first hacking contest is in the country

It is reported that the second XCTF international league selection competition began in November 2015 and ended in June 2016. This is the first time that the global college hacker competition has landed in China, and the organizers have also made innovations in the competition during the competition.

The XCTF international league final

Building a bridge between network security talents and enterprises

With peak BBS XCTF league finals at the same time, the opening of the network security, secretary general of the China Internet development foundation addressed Qin Changgui, network security practitioners are network "outlaw hero" of the world, after all, under the network environment to have security to have everything, the network space safety construction cannot leave everyone's contribution.

The director of the XCTF league, the organizer, the organizer and the organizer have announced the opening of the XCTF league finals

Various activities foster the new-born strength of network security

The XCTF summary during the race, except XCTF league finals, network security peak BBS, also set a InforSec special academic BBS, from the Chinese academy of sciences, tsinghua university, Beijing university, fudan university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, and other well-known colleges and universities security experts to attend this BBS, for network security of the present lovers to share the latest research results and direction in the field of security.

InforSec academic BBS special field

        At present, in the "+" Internet security is not only a computer network security, including in the public living space online comprehensive security problems under the consensus of cultivating talents become more and more network security domestic each big enterprises, colleges and universities, and even the whole of the important goals of the network security industry. Happily, as the domestic most influential, the largest, most professional network security technology against league, XCTF league has become the domestic young talent exchange and study of important platform, more and more lovers are added to the network security, this field is also looking forward to the future new forces emerge more network security.