See heroes at the top of the XCTF heroes

From September to November, the year of the "XCTF school year" came to an end after two months of intense competition and the silent killing of virtual battlefields. What are the teams in the new "XCTF great heroes list"? Let's find out. 

The hero races for the best

    The XCTF grand meeting on a total of 52 colleges and universities, companies, more than 200 contestants to participate in, of which 25 teams scored to work out the topic, and the best record in the top three, respectively is: xi 'an university of science and technology "SeeSea team", "team name clan" zhongyuan institute of technology, hubei university "tomato scrambled eggs clan".


The top five in the tournament

The gift will be waiting for the master

    Cyber Peace practical CyberPeace practical training platformopen to colleges and universities, not only to provide the students practice and play online platform of the competition, also prepared small gifts for everyone involved in the classmate, every colleges to participate in the competition of the top three achievements still can obtain unique XCTF custom prizes.

The prizes are as follows:

    First prize: XCTF customized mobile power supply

    Second prize: XCTF customized T-shirt

    Third prize: XCTF custom U disk

    Thank you for your attention and support to the XCTF league's enterprises, universities, teachers and students!

    Time is short, the small lords of the team, whether to gain or better understand themselves? If you are not satisfied with the small test on the Cyber Peace practical training platform, if you have an unfinished dream, you want to continue to compete against the competition, or you want to fight in the bigger river, then the opportunity comes!

    2017XCTF international league, not to fight! We will soon release the event node.