The X-Man special training camp syllabus is out!

With the signing of the second XMan camp registration coming to an end at 12:00 PM on Saturday.

This year, XMan camp will be based on education training program, set up more and more cool and exciting courses and project experiences in Nanjing and Beijing.

The courses in Nanjing and Beijing are basically the same, and the experts will go to the two places to give lectures and communicate face to face. The Courses include common questions in CTF such as WEB, Pwn ,Crypto, Mobile, RE, Forensic. Today organizers issued the first edition of syllabus, the summer courses will be divided into three stages.

First stage: the CTF actual combat ability ascending as experts from blue lotus, Flappypig, Nu1L, Lancet, bauhinia, SU lectures and other team will give lectures on network security.

The second stage: from CTF to the real world. we have invited the famousmans of the network security industry such as Yang kun, chief security researcher of changting technology, and Pei Zhong Yufrom Tsinghua university network and information security associationand experts from Tencent xuanwu laboratory, baidu security and 360 securityAnhengBangbang Safety, Pangu team, Cyber Peace, Sansi, to introduce the solutions facing current network security requirement.

The third stage: lead the new trend of network security. At this stage we will discuss on the latest trends of the industry such as Internet security, car safety. We invited experts from the Visual Threat, Beihang Chelian and Cyber Peace  to discuss the future of network security together with students.