Attack & Defense Platform

The CyberPeace Attack and Defense Platform (CP-AD) is a self-developed security contest platform of CyberPeace Nanjing. It provides a series of contest operation and maintenance tools such as customized topic management, automated contest environment deployment and visualized schedule monitoring operation and maintenance. It can greatly simplify the management of security contest environment and reduce the cost of contest organization.

CP-AD is a cyber attack and defense platform based on virtualization technology. Through virtualization scenarios, it provides a highly simulated information security attack and defense practical environment that can meet the needs of customer information security competing exercises and competitions in various industries.

CP-AD supports various competition types including theory contest, jeopardy contest, CTF contest. CTF is the abbreviation of Capture The Flag, which is a special contest type for network security technician compete their security skills originated in DEFCON conference 1996.

CP-AD provides a large number of CTF questions directing Crypto, Reverse, Web, Pwn, Mobile, Misc, Code etc. The CTF competition is all-encompassing, with new ideas. It combines all kinds of questions, some of which will be encountered in actual combat. The players need solve various difficult problems in a short time which is of high improvement to personal ability. For each CTF contest, the players will learn new skills and techniques with very positive effects to their career.

CP-AD provides detail description of more than 105,000 CVE security vulnerabilities and collects all kinds of vulnerability information from domestic and international institution.  By June 2017, there are about 7,000,000 vulnerability index information,  and 40,000 vulnerability exploit code/PoC, and 20,000 detail information of vulnerability reappear environment. 

Built-in massive industry authority attack and defense tools, including: leaks, infiltration, reverse, sniffing and information collection, brute force, forensic analysis, remote control and other outstanding tools to effectively enhance the efficiency of attack and defense training, strengthen the security tools and associated security knowledge points understanding.